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You’ve probably heard the phrase “The best defence is a good offence” plenty of times, correct?

On August 29th at 13:00 UK, we’ll put this popular expression to the test with a webinar discussing offensive cybersecurity and how it is an effective way for your organisation to combat cyber threats in all of their guises.

Topics to Be Covered

Led by a team of ethical hackers, this hour-long webinar will offer you an introduction to offensive cybersecurity and delve into several topics including:

  • What is offensive cyber security and what does it entail?
  • Why should an organisation embrace offensive cyber security or at least use it in combination with defensive cyber security?
  • Walk us through the process by which you would use offensive cyber security with a client.
  • What are some of the main ethical issues involved in offensive cyber security and how do you make sure not to cross the line into criminality?
  • We’ve talked about the lack of educational opportunities or degree choices for people interested in pursuing a career in offensive cyber security. Do you see this changing in the future or are the ethical challenges posed too strong to surpass?
  • What is bug bounty hunting?
  • As an offensive cyber security specialist, what are your top three tips to any organisation looking to beef up their protection against hackers and other cyber criminals?
  • And plenty more!

Book your spot today for what’s shaping up to be an enthralling look at the cyber world with its many risks, threats, and creative countermeasures.

See you at the end of August!

Our Cybersecurity Expert

Chris Abou-Chabke, Founder & Chief Hacking Officer

Born in Cyprus and boasting a rich heritage with four nationalities—Cypriot, Greek, Brazilian, and Lebanese. Chris embodies a diverse and multicultural background. His linguistic versatility is equally impressive, as he effortlessly communicates in English, French, Arabic, and Greek.

The roots of Chris’s hacking prowess trace back to the 1990s when he first delved into the world of offensive security at the tender age of 14. A prodigious talent, he honed his skills and explored the frontiers of hacking even before the advent of Kali Linux and other cutting-edge tools. His early exploits involved the infamous Sub7, a hacking tool developed by Gregory Hanis.

Fascinated by the immense power that hacking wielded and keenly aware of the vulnerabilities pervasive in our supposedly secure world, he made a conscious decision to step away from the darker side of hacking and channeled his energies into his role as the Chief Hacking Officer for BHEH.

Chris ultimately established Black Hat, Ethical Hacking. The driving force behind this endeavor was a commitment to harnessing hacking skills for ethical purposes. Embracing the ethos of the hacking community, he embarked on a global journey, traversing continents, participating in various events, and forging connections with some of the world’s top hackers.

These experiences solidified his position as a respected security researcher and facilitated partnerships with esteemed U.S. and European-based companies and numerous others.

Chris’s unwavering belief that natural-born hackers possess an unparalleled edge in the realm of Offensive Security has allowed Black Hat Ethical Hacking to flourish, proving that the art of hacking cannot be confined within the walls of traditional education. Meaning, you cannot study hacking in universities, but you can study Cyber Security.

Chris’s journey into the world of technology began during his formative years. After completing his education in Lebanon, he embarked on a new chapter by pursuing Computer Science studies in Cyprus. Despite his youth, Chris’s talent and determination led him to establish his own Computer Company, a venture that lasted three fruitful years. However, the call of greater challenges beckoned, leading him to take on the role of HP and Hewlett-Packard Brand Manager for a remarkable eighteen years. During this tenure, he achieved an impressive array of certifications, played a pivotal role in designing and recommending infrastructure-building solutions, generating millions in revenue, understanding the pressure of distribution and team balance managing a lot of successful colleagues, and earned a special award in recognition of his outstanding contributions by HP.

Intriguingly, Chris’s illustrious career took an unexpected turn at its zenith. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity and the desire to delve into the depths of Offensive Security, he made the audacious decision to embrace the world of hacking and that’s when he and his co-founder, who shared the same passion for Ethical Hacking decided to create the Black Hat Ethical Hacking in 2017.

In 2022, bidding farewell to his previous endeavors, he dedicated himself entirely to his passion. Alongside his co-founder, who played a crucial role in realizing this vision, and forming their dedicated team, he embarked on an exhilarating journey that combined his expertise as an HP Brand manager (Understanding Hardware) and his unparalleled hacking skills.

As the Founder and Chief Hacking Officer of Black Hat Ethical Hacking, Chris assumes a pivotal role in leading his team and collaborating with esteemed partners. Their shared mission is to empower the world in combating Cyber threats through an Offensive Security perspective. Their philosophy recognizes the inherent value of hacking culture as a breeding ground for innovative business ideas, characterized by creative problem-solving, iterative innovation, and continuous adaptation.

Chris’s extensive experience as a hacker was honed from his early exploits at a young age but even today practices it daily with new exploits and zero days discovered by him and his team offering a unique perspective on Offensive Security. Unlike those who have solely pursued formal education in the field, his hands-on journey during the nascent years of hacking distinguishes him. In an era where the term “Offensive Security” has gained prominence, he remains rooted in the core essence of hacking—exploring the limits of what is possible. Leveraging his expertise, he assists organizations in identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities, utilizing his intimate knowledge of the techniques and tools employed by hackers. Focused on employing his skills for the greater good, he aids organizations in safeguarding their data and fortifying their defences against Cyber threats.

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