AGRC’s Fundamental Courses

AGRC’s Fundamentals are shorter, introductory courses for recent graduates looking to make a splash in the GRC world or professionals that want to switch careers or refresh their knowledge on a particular subject.

These 5-hour long courses will offer you a solid foundation or backbone prior to embarking on our more extensive, in-depth, and comprehensive professional certificates.

Plus, with the purchase of any of these courses, participants will receive a one-year free membership to AGRC.

Official AGRC Training Partners

AGRC does not directly offer training for candidates preparing to take their exams for an AGRC certification.

AGRC has partnered up with several training institutions or external partners that have been accredited to offer the relevant training via various delivery methods, including live seminars, live online courses and/or self-paced eLearning courses.

For more information about our Official AGRC Training Partners or courses contact us at