AGRC’s Waiting for You!

AGRC, the pioneering, innovative and interactive community for the GRC world, would love to welcome you.

  • Are you a student or recent graduate interested in a career in a promising and rapidly growing sector?
  • Are you working in the areas of regulatory compliance, risk management, financial crime prevention or anti-money laundering?
  • Are you considering switching careers to these fast growing and highly valued areas?
  • Are you looking for new skills to spice up your career?

Being an AGRC member can help you remain at the top of your profession. We provide you with the practical knowledge, tools, resources and networking opportunities you need to manage and maintain a life-long career in the GRC world.

Boost your professional reputation and employability and become a resource of improvement for your organisation by joining our young and dynamic GRC community today!

Membership Levels

At AGRC, we have five (5) distinct membership packages at your disposal. If you’re not sure which one applies to you, please get in touch!

AGRC Student (SAGRC)
For current college and university students who are interested in pursuing a career in governance, risk or compliance.

AGRC Associate Member (MAGRC)
For young graduates and professionals looking to make an impact in the GRC world and who haven’t yet completed a certification with AGRC.

AGRC Professional (PAGRC)
For professionals who have received any of AGRC’s professional certificates. Professional members must adhere to the AGRC Code of Conduct and undertake 10 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) each year to maintain this status.

For professionals with more than seven (7) years of proven experience in Governance, Risk & Compliance. Fellow members must adhere to the AGRC Code of Conduct and undertake 15 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) each year to maintain this status.

AGRC Corporate (CAGRC)
For companies or other organizations looking to register at least five (5) employees as AGRC members.

Membership Benefits

Educational Advantages

  • Access to our knowledge platform, which includes webinars, interviews, event transcripts, industry-specific documents and articles, research materials and other relevant know-how.
  • Access to totally free online compliance, risk management, and governance courses.
  • Access to members-only updates, including email bulletins, newsletters, compliance tools and timely insights.
  • Access to a Member’s Area where you can connect with other likeminded GRC professionals, post articles, photos, and job openings, participate in forum discussions and specialized interest groups, promote and register for events, earn CPD credits, and plenty more.
  • Access to a multitude of networking events where you can learn from your colleagues.
  • Special discounts to trainings, conferences and webinars offered by our Official AGRC Training Partners and other professional partners.

Networking Galore

  • Private online discussion groups where members can share insights, resources and best practices.
  • Online networking via discussion forums and virtual events.
  • Networking opportunities with peers from all over the globe via our online conference and regional live symposiums and workshops.
  • Opportunities to meet with professionals in your region through local events and special interest groups that align with your areas of interest.

Plenty of Other Benefits

  • Use of our professional designations: SAGRC, MAGRC, PAGRC, FAGRC, and CAGRC.
  • Personalized log for Continuous Professional Development, allowing you to keep your yearly training records in one place.
  • A free copy of the digital edition of The AGRC Digest, our organisation’s annual magazine.
  • Discounts on tickets to conferences and other events.
  • Access to our online member directory.
  • Discounts on subsequent AGRC qualifications.
  • Members-only discounts from third-party suppliers.

AGRC Membership Fees

For detailed information on each one of these membership packages, please review the Levels of Membership page.

Number of Years Student* Associate Professional Fellow Corporate**
1 £65 £105 £135 £175 £525
2 £175 £235 £315 £875
3 £275 £375 £485 £1,375

*To qualify as a student, you need to provide a valid student card.

**To qualify as a Corporate member, you need to register under your company name at least five (5) employees. The fee applies for five (5) membership seats. To register additional members, please contact us for consultation and special prices.

All fees (+ VAT or local taxes if applicable).

Transfer Scheme for Members

Professionals who are members of similar associations may transfer their membership to AGRC through our Corporate Members Transfer Scheme as long as they have been a member of the other association for more than five (5) years.

For more information, get in touch with us for a free consultation.