Certified Risk Management Officer (CRMO) and Certified Risk Management Specialist (CRMS)

The CRMO/CRMS Certificate is offered in collaboration with Investment Academy Institute of Training in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region and taught exclusively in person and in Arabic.

About Money Experts Institute for Training (Investment Academy)

Investment Academy is a leading financial training provider in Saudi Arabia and GCC headquartered in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is authorised by the Ministry of Commerce and regulated by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. Investment Academy is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia and the GCIBFI of Bahrain. Investment Academy is an ILM Recognized Provider, offering an array of training programs in the financial and managerial domains to banks, brokerage houses, institutions and governmental bodies in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. Investment Academy also has a roster of training courses for individuals and the business community.


The CRMO/CRMS Certificate is awarded to professional officers in the Risk Management domain. Each candidate must join a five-day workshop and sit a subsequent exam. Successful candidates are awarded an CRMO/CRMS Certificate to acknowledge their knowledge and skills pertaining to Risk Management concepts and implementations.

Programme Outline

  • The Main Principles and Definitions of Risk Management
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework and Processes
  • The Risk and Opportunity Matrix
  • Costs and Benefits of Risk Management
  • Uncertainty in Risk Management and Its Dimensions
  • The Limitations of Risk Management
  • Developing a Risk-Aware Culture in Organisations
  • The Aims of Risk Management in Organisations
  • Influences on Risk Culture
  • Historical Foundations of Risk Management
  • The COSO ERM Integrated Framework
  • And More!

Expected Learning Outcomes

Here’s what you can expect to achieve following the completion of this CRMO/CRMS programme:

  • Understand what involves risk management and risk assessment.
  • Define, implement and manage appropriate risk management controls for your company.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the historical foundations of risk management and the different frameworks involved.
  • Understand risk culture and how to build a risk-aware organisation.
  • Develop an efficient and comprehensive risk management programme and policy for your company.
  • Learn how to use the risk and opportunity matrix.

Exam Information

Duration:                             120 min
Assessment Format:       100 Multiple Choice Questions
Passing Score:                    70%
Languages:                          Arabic for Teaching and Arabic or English for Test

Graduates automatically become a Professional Member of the Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance (PAGRC) and receive one year of membership for free with access to AGRC’s Member’s Area, discounts to conference, educational videos and articles, and plenty more.

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