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Global business and compliance risks are evolving rapidly and are no longer what they were prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. To this day, the consequences of this aggression are being felt by organisations throughout the entire world.

European business is no exception, as Russian “roots” over the past century have firmly penetrated the region’s economy.

In this current reality, avoiding cooperation with the sanctioned entities has acquired a new meaning. For the first time in history, the world has had to deal with a significant number of sanctions, this time against one of the most powerful players in the global economy.

New risks have led to new requirements and, one by one, European countries have seen the need to impose additional sanctions and restrictions on Russia. For instance, the UK has obliged all legal entities to provide data on ultimate beneficial owners to a new registry within six months to avoid hiding assets, while the Netherlands has set a 25% limit on the participation of Russians in business with a ban on cooperation.

Join us on Thursday, December 8 at 1:00 pm UK time for a webinar that will look at Ukraine’s experience vis-à-vis risk management as it pertains to international sanctions and the role of automatic inspections in helping out with organisations’ regulatory obligation.

This event is being sponsored by YouControl, a Ukrainian IT services and consulting group that helps business avoid risks and give journalists and public activists a chance to investigate socially important issues.

The Presenter

Mykhailo Koltsov, Head of Training and Development, YouControl, Ukraine

Mykhailo is the Head of the Training and Development department at the IT company YouControl, a Ukrainian company that has developed an analytical system for compliance, market analysis, business intelligence, and investigation that generates a full profile for every company in Ukraine based on open data, tracks changes in state registers, and reveals links between affiliates. Mykhailo has close to 16 years of experience in business intelligence and analytics and has been engaged in projects related to data analysis and in-depth verification of counterparties based on open data.

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