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Welcome to our first issue under our brand-new name, one that follows our rebranding six short months ago.

As you all know by now, we’ve left behind our days as the International Governance and Compliance Association, and fully embraced our role as an advocate for the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) world. With this name—The Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance—we are now affording the necessary attention to the rising role of Risk Management in the operations of financial institutions and professional services firms everywhere.

Under this latest stage in our evolution as a crucial player in the GRC sector, we have also launched a Member’s Area where you can connect with likeminded professionals, participate in forum discussions and targeted thematic/geographic groups, tap into an array of educational resources, and claim exclusive discounts to industry events, among others.

Since the get-go, our objective as a budding professional association has been to nurture a community of GRC professionals that is as communicative, inclusive, and accessible as possible. So, we hope you’ve already had a chance to log onto your personal profile and started networking and contributing your own grain of sand to our increasingly vital industry.

In this edition of The AGRC Digest, find plenty of news, educational articles, book and podcast reviews, and other miscellaneous informational pieces focused on what’s important and trending in the GRC world.

In terms of highlights, during these past six months, AGRC penned partnership agreements with training providers in both Brazil and Nigeria, looking to bring our professional qualifications and membership opportunities to both Latin America and Africa. We also launched our Level 3 Certificate in Corporate Governance, one that will provide a solid foundation to anyone wanting to understand the importance of good corporate governance and how to accomplish this as part of a modern-day organisation.

We have also included in this issue articles covering all aspects of what it takes to be a solid Compliance Officer, building a culture of compliance within an organisation, compliance in the crypto world, the history of regulatory compliance in the UK, entertaining industry podcasts, and plenty more.

As a parting thought, take a gander at our first book review, one that tackles Robert Mazur’s riveting memoir The Betrayal, which tells the story of Mazur’s time as an undercover agent tasked with infiltrating the Cali Cartel’s drug running and money laundering operation. We’re hoping this is the first of many book reviews we will publish moving forward, so let us know what you think.

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