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Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm with investors of all shapes and sizes dabbling in this new revolutionary financial asset.

As the market for cryptocurrencies grows, so does the need for rules to regulate the daily activities and transactions occurring in this sector.

Hence, compliance for organisations and individuals investing in digital assets or setting up companies destined to provide services within this sector are bound to grow, necessitating more knowledge, skills, tools, and technologies to fall in line with these regulatory obligations.

Join us on Wednesday, November 9, at 13:30 UK for a panel discussion on the latest trends and updates when it comes to regulations and compliance in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Some of the questions to be tackled by our experts include:
  • Care to discuss how cryptocurrencies have gone from being part of a largely unregulated market to one that is on its way to becoming more heavily regulated?
  • What are some of the main reasons it has been necessary to regulate crypto assets?
  • Which jurisdictions are at the forefront of regulating digitals assets in an effective way? What have they done that stands out or may serve as an example for other countries?
  • Why is carrying out in-depth risk assessments the best way for financial institutions to comply with their regulatory obligations when it comes to cryptos?
  • How should organisations involved in cryptocurrencies better prepare themselves for a more heavily regulated future in this sector?
  • Will technology play an important role in helping organisations comply with their regulatory obligations vis-à-vis cryptos?
  • And plenty more!

Hope you can join us!

Our Panellists

David Doyle, EU Policy Expert, Belgium & France

David Doyle is EU policy expert specializing in financial services legislation, covering banking, insurance, and securities regulation, based between Brussels and Paris.

He is a long-standing board member of the joint MEP-stakeholder advocacy body, The Kangaroo Group, as well as being the secretary to its Financial Services Working Group at the European Parliament. He also sits on the Board of the joint UK cross-parliamentary/SME-owner body, The Genesis Initiative, at Westminster, focused on SME policy development.

He is a former long-serving diplomat based on mainland Europe, spanning both multilateral and bilateral assignments.

His authored works include Cost Control—A Strategic Guide (CIMA/Elsevier: London, 1994 and 2002) which was translated into 15 foreign languages, as well as contributing EU chapters to The Future of Finance after SEPA (Wiley: London, 2008), and A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance (Sweet & Maxwell: London, 2010 and 2014).

P. Faisal Islam, Fintech Consultant & Instructor, Canada

Faisal Islam is a consummate professional in bleeding edge fintech. As a consultant and an instructor of ACAMS, he has advised financial service providers across North America and the EU. Faisal has held executive roles in product, strategy, compliance, and training. He mostly enjoys working on difficult problems that intersect product, strategy, and compliance. His public profile can be found here:

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