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Professionals across the globe can now get certified in corporate governance via AGRC’s official training partners.

LONDON, United Kingdom – The Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance is thrilled to announce the launch of its Level 3 Certificate in Corporate Governance, a unique and flexible qualification that is in high demand by the modern-day professional.

Delivered by its official training partner—the London Governance & Compliance Academy—this certificate is geared towards any professional seeking to build a strong foundation covering the main regulatory provisions in the financial services industry and the many trends in corporate governance.

Individuals carrying out the roles of directors, members of the Board, senior managers, lawyers, company secretaries, compliance and risk officers, and consultants will benefit from this certificate as it is designed to strengthen their understanding of key corporate governance concepts such as the role of the Board, corporate social responsibility (CSR), ESG, sustainability, agency and stakeholder theories, internal control mechanisms, and carrying out effective meetings, among others.

Mateo Jarrin Cuvi, who serves as Global Manager for Partners and Media at AGRC, said: “Responsible and effective corporate governance has grown in importance since the financial crises at the end of the aughts. Organisations are looking to build a culture of corporate governance that promotes sustainability, diversity, inclusion, customer service, proper risk management, and ethical behaviour. Our Certificate in Corporate Governance, in collaboration with LGCA, aims to equip the leaders of today and tomorrow with the tools to create solid governance structures that will help them deal with the myriad of modern-day corporate challenges and risks.”

Corporate Governance

LGCA’s training programme for AGRC’s Level 3 Certificate in Corporate Governance has been designed as a self-paced, e-learning module that should take individuals 15-to-20 hours to complete. The professional qualification is received once candidates sit a 40 multiple-choice-question exam and score at least 70%. As part of this package, participants also receive a complimentary first year of membership to AGRC.

Additionally, this Certificate will also be available via LGCA’s external partners located in Nigeria, South Africa, Estonia, Lebanon, and Dominican Republic, among others.

Marios Siathas, CEO of LGCA, said: “We cherish this opportunity to work with AGRC in training professionals in all-things corporate governance, preparing them to lead their organisations forward and establish a sound culture of governance across the board. Our training programme should make it very easy for individuals to become certified in these topics and help advance their careers in the world of GRC.”

AGRC expects to make Level 3 Certificates in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Risk Management available to its members and extended network by the end of 2022.

For more information, please contact:

Mateo Jarrin Cuvi, Global Manager for Partners & Media, The Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance (AGRC),

Denis Sureyev, VP Business Development, London Governance & Compliance Academy,

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