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Podcasts are a terrific way to soak up knowledge in a leisurely fashion so that you’re left feeling tickled pink and mentally energized. Whether on the commute, at the gym, cooking or doing other activities at home, you can easily open a podcast episode that educates and engages. The technology is growing increasingly popular among fans, despite having been around for a few decades and more. 

With such a large offering—as of March 2022, around 2.4 million Apple podcast episodes exist with Spotify also featuring 3.6 million podcast episodes—you’re spoiled for choice as to what you can listen to broaden your mind’s horizons. All you need is a mobile device to access the technology so that—instantly—insightful, easy-listening content can be within your ear’s reach.

Podcasts-centred business is a new phenomenon and you can find some true experts and senior professionals addressing a broad array of topics. Not least among these, you will find several compliance officers, regulatory experts and professionals creating podcasts to inform listeners with an appetite for knowledge.

GRC Podcast

Compliance Podcasts

What follows is a list of some of our favourite podcast shows on topics connected to the worlds of compliance, governance and risk:

FSTech Podcasts

The Financial Sector Tech (FSTech) podcast topics are broad and diverse. They recently published episodes on “Fraud in Focus: Shifting from fraud detection to fraud prevention,” “Automation in FS: Myths vs Reality,” and “Can we stop criminals using corporates to launder money?” The podcast covers the gamut of tech topics from data governance to RegTech.

Risky Women Radio

Risky Women Radio lends the audio microphone to seasoned women professionals and up-and-coming talents from the risk, compliance, and governance community. Industry innovations, challenges and professional aspects are discussed by the podcast show’s female hosts. Guests delve into their inspirational stories, and top women leaders in risk and compliance reveal insights about their professions.

The Compliance Word Podcast

RAW Compliance hosts The Compliance Word Podcast, a global, cosmopolitan platform that bank upon the interviews of several compliance experts on topics such as right culture creation, innovation, and challenges within the field.


The UK Freshfields podcast series is famous for delivering insights that help organisations with their futures. The lawyers on the show discuss vital themes on global investigations, FCA enforcement, the management of conduct risk, cyber dangers, antitrust enforcement, and more.

Fintech Insider Podcast

A smorgasbord of experts, including Sarah Kocianski, Jason Bates, Leda Glyptis, Simon Taylor and David Brear, host this series on fintech, banking, technology and financial services. Well-explored compliance topics pop up every once in a while in the bi-weekly released podcast.

Corruption, Crime & Compliance  

Michael Volkov, CEO of The Volkov Group Law Firm, hosts this podcast series wherein he delves into the hot topics of crime, corruption, and compliance while connecting with a myriad assortment of guests. Topics span the spectrum from conflict-of-interest management, to regulations, to financial compliance trends, and more.

Culture of Compliance

Hosted by Sabrina Serafin, Culture of Compliance interviews several savvy compliance officers and experts in a bid to explore compliance as a competitive advantage among companies. She also discusses changes to the sector and changes of compliance function caused by recent events and other.

Great Women in Compliance

This podcast made available on the Corporate Compliance Insights news site is hosted by compliance experts Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley. These fine ladies discuss a variety of topics with their guests, and engage in interviews, round table debriefing, leadership advice and inspirational discussions.

Compliance Perspective

The podcasts hosted by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics’ (SCCE) Vice President Adam Turteltaub are a series well worth listening to. Podcast guests here talk and engage on all things compliance and governance risk.

Many terrific, inspirational professionals are pushing the envelope of compliance development on the podcast airwaves. The podcasts below address financial crime, regulatory changes, corporate culture and conduct risk.

GRC Podcasts Network

The Compliance Podcast Network

Tom Fox, a contributor of the FCPA blog and of Corporate Compliance Insights and Compliance Week, founded the popular Compliance Podcast Network. The network features over 20 sector podcasts on topics as diverse as innovation in compliance and corporate governance, and more.

We recommend the following Compliance Podcast Network podcast show:

Innovation in Compliance Podcast – addresses sector innovations and ways to use technology for the sake of compliance. The show offers good insights as to how technology changes the compliance discussion.

Interested in compliance podcasts that cover recent cases? Consider having a listen of the FCA Compliance Report Podcast series here below that is also hosted by Tom Fox and guests:

Daily Compliance News – if you love starting the day with a cup of coffee in hand while listening to a podcasts, Daily Compliance News is a good morning companion. Tom Fox goes over the compliance news of the day and shares his opinions and thoughts on them.

The Compliance Life – This podcast series goes into all the important details of the role of a Chief Compliance Officer, why such people choose this career, what to expect in the future as a CCO and some great stories as a CCO. If you are a CCO or otherwise work in the compliance sector, you’ll find yourself deeply connecting with the interviewees.

GRC Podcasts More

Some Other Favourites

Other podcast channels that are dedicated to compliance-related topics we enjoy are the following two:

Captivated Audience – This global podcast is hosted by Samantha Sheen and Marie Lundberg who dive into issues having to do with the detection, prevention and halting of financial crime. The topics explored by the podcast range from cyber security and accountability to governance, to KYC, to transaction monitoring, and more.

Podcasts Plus – This recently launched podcast series is brought to you by Robert Mazur, author of The Infiltrator and The Betrayal, on all topics connected to AML. During the 1990s, this podcast host was a financial crime operative mole as an undercover DEA law enforcement officer and certainly has the breadth of experience to discuss the detection of financial money laundering efforts and what can be done to stop these.

As you can see, many an insightful and impressive podcast exists out there in the cyber universe. The professionals conducting these should be profusely thanked for serving as thought leaders!

Are there any other compliance podcasts that you love? If so, please send us your recommendations.

For more useful information about the world of compliance and risk governance, please consider becoming a full-fledged AGRC member today. We offer an excellent array of certificates and courses that round out your growing knowledge as a new compliance officer. We work to help secure you a successful future.

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