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This coming fall is shaping up to be a very active period for your favourite association.

As part of our busy schedule, AGRC will be attending Kisaco Research’s Economic Crime Prevention & Compliance conference, which will be held on September 28th and 29th at The Dilly in London.

Considering the ongoing war in Ukraine and the UK government’s concern with the rapidly escalating, multibillion-pound problem know as economic and financial crime, this conference comes at an ideal time to engage GRC professionals in discussions about the most critical risk, compliance and legal challenges affecting financial institutions and companies.

Better yet, you can join us and benefit from an exclusive 10% discount for AGRC members and those that are part of our extended network.

Upon checkout, simply apply the code AGRC10 to claim your discount.

What to Expect from the Economic Crime Prevention & Compliance Conference?

At the event, AGRC’s Global Manager for Partners & Media, Mateo Jarrin Cuvi, will be leading a session titled “Whistleblowing: Friend or Foe?” where the main attraction will be an audience-led discussion on issues including expanding US-style protection and rewards for whistleblowers, the many ethical issues involved, and how the EU and UK view, support, and value those who come forward.

Besides AGRC’s role, there will be plenty of other opportunities to learn about what’s trending in the fields of financial and economic crime prevention, as well as compliance.

Topics to be covered throughout the two-day conference include:

  • AML, sanctions, and proliferation finance
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Crypto, cybercrime, and data privacy
  • Third-party and supply chain risks
  • Whistleblowing and investigations
  • Human rights and environmental crime
  • And plenty more!

And the titles of some of the sessions are:

  • UK Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill: New Risks and Compliance Expectations
  • When the Long Arm Keeps Getting Longer: US Government Policy Drivers and Compliance Enforcement
  • How to Ensure that Your Compliance Programs Capture Novel, Overlapping Risks and Reflect Intradisciplinary, Intra-Agency Approach to Enforcement
  • Advanced Due Diligence to Protect against Beneficial Ownership Risk
  • Handling Internal Investigations: Top Mistakes to Avoid
  • Managing the Risks of Cryptocurrencies
  • Think Tank: Sanctions Are “the New FCPA”
  • And more!
Speakers ECPC London

Besides our own, speakers include Compliance Managers, Heads of Controls and Sanctions, Senior Counsels, Head of Financial Crime Operations, and Senior Investigations Managers for a wide array of European and Middle Eastern companies such as Danske Bank, Wells Fargo, Ericsson AB, APS Bank, British American Tobacco, Vodafone Group, Bank ABC, Unicore, Agricultural Bank of Egypt, Sepctris, Steptoe and others.

We’re very much looking forward to this event and hope to meet plenty of you there!

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