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Tech in the wonderful world of compliance is here to stay, so what’s better than having a live panel discussion on its current and future role in our industry?

Join us on April 27, 2022, at 2:00 pm UK time for a lively discussion on all-things tech and artificial intelligence (AI) with the founders of Vespia, a Know Your Business (KYB) start-up in Estonia.

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Tech & AI Topics to Be Covered

Some of the questions our Vespian superheroes will tackle include:

  1. How have you seen technology’s role in compliance and AML evolve during the past decade?
  2. How has the shift towards remote work, which has been spurred by the ongoing pandemic and the rise of the digital nomad, impacted technology’s role in our industry?
  3. Any thoughts on cryptocurrencies and the push by governments to regulate these assets? Any ideas on how technology or AI can be a protagonist in helping companies comply with growing regulatory obligations in this sector?
  4. What about the use of technology to follow through with the reporting requirements posed by recent ESG regulations?
  5. Does embracing technology sooner rather than later offer companies an obvious competitive advantage over others?
  6. What does the future of RegTech have in store for us?
  7. And plenty more!

Our RegTech and AI Experts

Julia Ront
Julia Ront, CEO, Vespia

Julia Ront is the Founder and CEO of Vespia and her vision is to create a standard for business verification (KYB). Julia has been a RegTech evangelist for the last 6 years and was a core team member in the Estonian identity verification unicorn Veriff. She is also an active thought leader in the female founder community. Julia’s goal is to popularize KYB and attract more women into the RegTech industry.



Anton VespiaAnton Vedešin, Technical Founder, Vespia

Anton Vedešin is the Technical Founder of Vespia and his dream is to change the way business verification is performed. Anton holds a Ph.D. in cloud computing and cyber security and is the author of numerous cybersecurity and data protection scientific papers (IEEE, ACM, Springer) and patents. He also teaches Cloud Computing and Data Security at TalTech and has developed multiple security and e-government solutions for the Estonian government and EU Commission.

Hope to have you with us!

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