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Following our media partnership with Kisaco Research for their April conference on Economic Crime Prevention and Compliance in Zurich, we’re excited to let you know that we have once again joined forces for the UK-based event organiser’s upcoming conference on Sanctions & Exports Control.

The event, which will be held on June 28-29 in London, aims to help your business learn about the risk associated with sanctions and export controls, properly prepare your team for unprecedented restrictions, and set up the necessary compliance protocols to cater to the regulatory authorities’ expectations.

In recent years, the imposition of international economic sanctions has risen in prominence as a foreign policy tool. Companies carrying out business with sanctioned entities such as Russia today must be fully aware of the risks posed by international economic sanctions and how to comply with the many regulatory obligations resulting from these rules.

As part of the IGCA extended network, you’re eligible to receive a 10% discount on tickets to this event, so make use of this opportunity and meet us in London this coming summer.

Go ahead and apply the code IGCA10 upon checkout to claim your discount.

Why Should You Attend?

There are plenty of great reasons to attend this event on what’s one of the hottest topics in compliance these days.

Here are a few of our favourite reasons:

  1. Networking opportunities with compliance, legal and internal control officers working in a wide array of industries and coming from most corners of the globe
  2. A comprehensive update on all sanctions and export control regimes currently in place
  3. Plenty of tips on how to set up a compliance programme that covers your firm’s regulatory obligations and helps you avoid problems posed by extraterritoriality and conflicts between laws
  4. Details on how human rights issues and environmental challenges may pose a threat to your supply chain
  5. An overview of what constitutes an efficient and realistic screening solution and what to do in terms of internal investigations and violation responses vis-à-vis sanctions and export controls
  6. And lots more!

Download the event’s full agenda below.

Discount Sanctions Kisaco IGCA

About Kisaco Research

Based out of the UK, Kisaco Research works with early adopters and leaders of growth markets in driving their respective industries forward and providing the right knowledge and learning and social opportunities to stimulate business growth quickly and effectively.

With more than 30 years of experience in the event industry, Kisaco Research produces, designs and hosts B2B industry conference and exhibitions that are of the utmost relevance and timeliness and put together the most high-quality network for their customers.

When attending one of their events, Kisaco Research offers you the opportunity to:

  1. Meet industry peers that will help you build a career-changing professional network
  2. Hear from ambitious industry stalwarts who are happy to share what has made them successful and their plans for future proofing their companies
  3. Pick up inspired insight via events and online communities that will help you form the foundation for future strategies and plans
  4. Invest both in your company growth and your own personal development

We look forward to a wonderful and insightful event in June, so hope to see you there!

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