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2022 has already brought an onslaught of activity for your governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) association of choice with interviews and new partnerships taking centre stage.

In Issue Three of The IGCA Digest, we highlight an interview with our own Global Manager for Partners & Media on the importance of compliance training and certifications, as well as casual chats with our partner Vespia, the FinCrime Agent YouTube channel, and the two co-chairs for Kisaco Research’s upcoming conference in Zurich on economic crime prevention.

Also featured in this issue is our new partnership with Ground Truth Intelligence, a company that helps you run investigations and intelligence projects, and articles looking at board-led approaches to GRC, tips on governing remote workers as a compliance officer, and the importance of content to your marketing efforts.

Go ahead and download the full issue below!


What’s Covered in this Issue?

  1. GRC Explorations & the Benefits of a Top-Down, Board-Led Approach to GRC
  2. 7 How-To Steps for Governing Remote Workers as a Compliance Officer
  3. IGCA Launches Certificate in International Economic Sanctions
  4. IGCA Partners Up with Ground Intelligence
  5. Economic Crime Prevention in Switzerland: An Interview with Steve Young & Sandra Midel
  6. On Female Leadership in the Regtech World: An Interview with Julia Ront
  7. Talking about Fincrime Agent: An Interview with Marco Beranzoni
  8. Compliance Training, Career in Financial Crime, Tech & More: IGCA on Youtube’s Fincrime
  9. Why Is Content So Important to Your Marketing Efforts?

Contribute to Volume 4!

We’re still waiting for the first member contribution to The IGCA Digest, and we sure hope to make it happen in Volume 4, which is coming your way in September 2022.

Get your creative and analytical juices flowing and contact us at to pitch your latest and greatest article ideas.

Please keep in mind that any article submitted should concentrate on one of our three focus areas (Compliance, Governance & Risk), and be between 800 to 1200 words in length and not advertorial in nature.

As a guideline, our editorial team is on the lookout for well researched and well written articles covering a trending topic or providing your opinion on the present and future of the GRC sector.

The deadline for the submission of articles for Volume 4 is September 1st, 2022, so shoot us an email as soon as possible to get the process started.

Let’s see who’s the first member to contribute to our digest. It’s a race to the finish line!

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