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Join us on WednesdayMarch 23rd at 14:00 UK time for IGCA’s latest webinar.

Co-hosted with our official training partner, the London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA), this webinar will take a closer look at what’s trending in financial crime prevention.

In a one-on-one discussion with Martin Schoefield, Director of Financial Crime and Forensics Unit at Complyport and an IGCA Fellow, we will explore the hottest topics in the prevention of financial crime, tackling some of the questions below:

  1. What are some of the major challenges companies face when having to comply with sudden and massive economic sanctions?
  2. How can firms undertake searches of sanctioned individuals and companies in an efficient and effective manner?
  3. For instance, how can companies deal with dual nationalities and a lack of records showing that an individual has in fact two different passports?
  4. What are some of the major risks for a company if it fails to enforce a sanctions order?
  5. When it comes to money laundering, nothing changes yet everything changes. What’s hot these days in the world of AML?
  6. How will the recently proposed EU AML regime change regulatory obligations for firms in the financial services sector?
  7. What’s the role training and executive education plays in helping firms meet their regulatory obligations and establish a strong culture of compliance?
  8. And plenty more!

Make sure to book your seat for what should be a riveting chat on all-things financial crime prevention.

Hope to see you there!

Our Financial Crime Prevention Expert

Martin Schoefield, Director of Financial Crime & Forensics Unit at Complyport & an IGCA Fellow, United Kingdom

Martin SchofieldMartin has undertaken financial crime prevention roles for the last 20 years and is a well-known and established figure in the financial crime prevention sector. Martin is regarded as a highly competent consultant/adviser as well as an outstanding trainer, and a true expert in the field of financial crime prevention.

Over the last 20 years Martin has been engaged on numerous projects, both global and domestic for major financial services firms, involving the delivery of staff training in all aspects of financial crime prevention, including (but not limited to) fraud and money laundering prevention, as well as policy authoring, reviews, audits and pre and post regulatory visit reviews and monitoring.

Martin has held the title of MLRO for large multinational companies and also acted as lead investigator in countless internal and external investigations, involving mortgage fraud, application fraud, identity fraud and money laundering.

Other areas of speciality include data protection, anti-bribery and corruption, market abuse, senior management responsibility, conduct risk and vulnerable customer management.

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