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We’re excited to announce our next webinar, this time tackling all-things compliance for the financial technology (FinTech) sector.

Technology in the financial services and banking world is growing by leaps and bounds with new, innovative solutions popping up at every turn.

As a result, regulatory authorities across the globe have started paying closer attention to these technologies, bringing to the fore new rules and regulations to keep them in check and following best practices for this nascent industry.

Subsequently, the FinTech sector is under growing pressure to boost its compliance functions, keep up to date with its regulatory requirements, and establish solid relationships with authorities in its jurisdictions of interest.

Join us on Monday, December 6, 2021, at 9:00 am UK time for a lively discussion on a topic that is growing in importance by the minute.

FinTech & Compliance Questions to Be Covered

Some of the questions to be covered by our distinguished panellists include:

  1. How has compliance for FinTech companies evolved during the past decade?
  2. What are some of the best practices for FinTech companies when it comes to compliance?
  3. How important is it to establish solid relationships with regulatory authorities in your pertinent jurisdictions?
  4. What role is currently being played by RegTech in helping FinTech companies remain compliant?
  5. What to you foresee for compliance in the FinTech world as we move into the second half of the 21st century?
  6. And plenty more!

Hope to have you with us in early December!

Our FinTech & Compliance Panellists

Ramy AlDamati, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, AlBrza, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ramy AlDamati is a leading expert in cybersecurity, blockchain, FinTech, and EmTech competency building, with over 20 years of experience in organizational consulting for multiple governmental agencies, public and private sectors, financial, oil and gas, and international bodies.

For several years, Ramy AlDamati served as a specialized Emerging Technology professional, academic trainer and project manager, helping organizations across the world in their upskilling and reskilling requirements or digital transformation journey. His skills and expertise include cybersecurity investigation, regulatory compliance, AML, investment advisory, and learning and development.

As a Co-Founder of AlBrza, an Emirati platform that brings together future initiatives in line with the UAE’s vision to carry through its Centennial Plan (2071), his aim is to make it the only Arab platform focusing on emerging technology and entrepreneurship.

And for his ambition to make the cryptocurrency world safe, regulated, and secure, he founded his startup TrustyCrypto, an ecosystem that will make the cryptocurrency world safe and secure by implementing multiple methodologies, auditing crypto transactions and companies, and issuing a scam-free certificate if they pass the specific screening process.

Mona Zoet, Founder and CEO, RegPac Revolution, Singapore

Mona ZoetMona Zoet is the founder and CEO of RegPac Revolution, a RegTech ecosystem builder, educator, and business accelerator. She has over 18 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry within the Legal, Risk and Compliance areas, specializing in AML and KYC.

She is an independent trainer and former Executive Board Member Vice Chair for the International RegTech Association (IRTA) and former Director of Risk Management in the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Start-ups (ACCESS). Mona educates FinTech companies about regulatory requirements in the legal/compliance, risk management and governance space by including blockchain technology to maximise system alignment and work more efficiently in a secure and concise way.

She is a RegTech Sub-Committee Member of Singapore FinTech Association Asia, which exists to ease and accelerate the evolution of the RegTech industry by facilitating integration, collaboration, and innovation within the Financial Services sector.

Mona also shares the co-authorship for the book RegTech Blackbook, and The Sequel, which highlights the latest development of RegTech, FinTech and WealthTech from different angles.

Hope you can join us in early December!

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