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AGRC’s New Certificate in International Economic Sanctions Compliance Goes Live

You can now get certified in Sanctions Compliance via AGRC’s official training partners LGCA and EIMF.

LONDON, United Kingdom – Following its efforts to offer the GRC industry with trailblazing, fully online, and inexpensive internationally recognized certifications, the International Governance and Compliance Association (AGRC) is thrilled to announce the launch of its Certificate in Sanctions Compliance.

This self-paced, online, 15-hour certification program, which relies heavily on case studies and a hands-on approach to international economic sanctions, is designed to equip GRC professionals with the skills, tools, and knowledge required to tackle the challenges posed by this issue on behalf of their organizations.

Mateo Jarrin Cuvi, AGRC’s Global Manager for Partners and Media, said: “During the past couple of decades, international economic sanctions have become an important tool in global governance, used by both countries and international organizations to smartly target a wrongdoing country’s political and economic elites.”

“Our certificate prepares today’s GRC professional to properly comply with the growing number of regulatory obligations faced by companies, financial institutions and governments doing business with these targeted individuals.”

Professionals who complete this course will be ready to design a sound and effective sanctions compliance strategy that aims to mitigate their organization’s risk of facing significant fines, penalties, and other adverse consequences from potentially doing business with politically exposed or sanctioned individuals.

Additionally, participants will receive a one-year free membership to AGRC and benefit from the association’s multiple networking opportunities, discounts to global GRC conferences, webinar and interview series, and plenty other activities.

Along with AGRC’s offerings in Compliance, AML and KYC/CDD, this new certificate is available in the European Union via the European Institute of Management and Finance and in the UK and the rest of the world via the London Governance and Compliance Academy.

For more information on AGRC’s Certificate in Sanctions Compliance, please visit AGRC’s website here.

Or you can purchase this certificate directly from our training partner LGCA below.

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