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As governance, risk and compliance issues grow in importance, so do the number of associations and academic institutions offering certifications, qualifications, diplomas, and other courses that cover these specific issues.

Take any random turn online or go down one of the Internet’s never-ending rabbit holes, and you’re bound to stumble upon yet another compliance, AML, KYC/CDD, governance or risk course.

Yes, there’s a wealth of opportunities out there. As a compliance professional, the world is becoming your pearl-laden oyster.

Just have a look at a recent blog post by Compliance Professionals UK, a recruiting agency that focuses exclusively on the compliance industry, which highlights some of the main certifications and qualifications available to today’s professional.

You must bear in mind that not all training programs are created equal.

Some are super specific, some are expensive, some are more practical in their approach, none of them are humorous.

Obviously, since we want to see you, your associates and even your mother-in-law as a future AGRC member, here are the main features that set our certification programs apart from the competition.

Like a Rabbit or a Hare

Flexibility is one of our favourite words here at the office.

We believe in giving professionals plenty of leeway when sitting down to soak in any type of GRC knowledge.

Our certificates are all self-paced, meaning you can be as fast as the Flash or as methodical as a chess aficionado when completing them.

Plus, since they are all delivered online, you can cover the material from the comfort of your home or office, or while lounging on a beach sipping on a chilled piña colada.

Affordable is Our Middle Name

We’re proud to say that our certificates are amongst the most affordable ones available to today’s compliance professional.

Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible when growing our network and community of GRC professionals.

Hence, we believe affordability is a key component to appealing to individuals at all stages of their professional lives, whether you’re a veteran who lived through the compliance wars of yesteryear or a novice ready to embark on a new adventure.

Free Membership? Sign Me Up!

Besides being affordable, if you sign up for one of our certificates, you will receive a one-year free membership to AGRC.

That’s bang for your buck.

We Embrace Diversity

Everyone is welcome at AGRC.

Whatever your profession, level of expertise, years in the industry, country of origin or favourite football (soccer *cough*) team, we will always receive you with a wide smile on our face and a heartfelt fist bump.

Diversity is of the utmost importance to us.

We want to nurture a truly global organization that is open to all, pooling our vast array of interests, opinions, experiences, cultural backgrounds, and modus operandi for the betterment of the GRC world.

We Heart Networking

Networking is at the core of what we do.

We believe in the constant exchange of ideas and opinions, ones that will grow and improve compliance functions across the globe.

We want to be a repository of innovative thinking where members come together to trace the next steps for our industry and design resilient solutions for our toughest challenges.

Similarly, from these discussions, we hope our members will build lifelong professional relationships that will bring them plenty of work and ample opportunities to expand their business.

As a member or graduate, you will gain complete access to our resource library, webinar series and interviews, and benefit from plenty of other networking events such as global and regional conferences, an online forum, and specific working interest groups that are currently in the pipeline.

Training Partners Galore

Finally, we have partnered up with a wide array of official training partners across the globe to deliver our certifications to your doorstep.

Our main training partners, the London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA) and the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF), alongside organizations such as Saudi Arabia’s Money Experts Institute (MEIT), have been educating professionals by the hundreds, preparing them for their renewed roles in the wonderful world of compliance.

Plus, we’re currently in discussions with academies in Eastern Europe and Central and South America to bring our live certifications just a little bit closer to you and in the languages of your choice.

If you have any additional questions about how AGRC is the best option for you, do get in touch at We’d be happy to lead you as far away as possible from the dreaded rabbit hole.

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