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As you know, AGRC has kicked off an interview series where we give our members an opportunity to showcase their expertise, discuss some of the many issues that get them excited, and introduce them to our growing network of GRCC professionals.

You can check out our first two interviews HERE and HERE.

Who’s Got Next?

Speaking more generally, what are some of the main advantages of opening up in an interview setting, talking about your business and sharing your opinions and passions with the public?

As it’s tradition by now, here’s another AGRC listicle covering some of the top reasons why you should participate in interviews.

Allows You to Tell Your Tale

We all have a story to tell. As professionals, leaders, business enthusiasts, managers, executives, the list goes on and on.

An interview is a great way of getting your story out there for everyone to see.

It introduces you to an extensive group of readers or viewers who might not have known who you are or for whom your purpose as a business was not entirely clear.

Building a strong story around your business and presenting it to others via an interview also brings you exposure and acts as a marketing tool to engage others in what you excel at.

It also allows you to formulate your own answers, tackle challenging questions, and generally drive the discussion in a direction that favors you and your work.

Plus, as explained by Ben M. Roberts, a personal branding expert, “Interviews give a human voice and face to your brand, quite literally,” as “there is no hiding behind faceless blog posts, with neutral business language.”

Interviews are “a messaging platform, not a selling one,” he concludes.

Grows Your Credibility and Authority

Interviews also allow you to establish your position as a credible source and authority in your field.

By methodically answering questions, even those challenging ones, you have the opportunity to set yourself up before others as someone who knows what they are talking about.

Whether it’s in banking, cryptocurrencies, corporate governance, Forex, ESG, underwater basket weaving or some other industry, participating in an interview offers you a platform via which you can elevate your name and become more credible in the eyes of your peers, clients and competitors.

Can Be Repurposed into Other Formats

One great, albeit more practical, advantage of interviews is that the content can be repurposed into other formats.

Ideas and thoughts explored in interviews can be easily pulled and used as quotes in blog posts or other articles or to generate visual content such as infographics and branded images.

You can even expand on the interview questions to develop an entire article focused on the specific topic discussed or assemble an e-book of sorts that includes content from many of the interviews you’ve done.

Content can also be recycled to develop an email or social media campaign targeting your current and potential clients.

Expands Your Network

Networking is key to the success of any business or career.

By participating in as many interviews as possible and interacting with publications and organizations (and its members), you are bound to grow your professional network and establish working relations that might lead to more business in the future.

Plus, interviews are likely to help you draw the attention of other professionals who might reach out to you in search of advice, help, a beer at the local pub, or a firm business proposition.

Fact is, writes The Brand Builder Toolbox’s Linda Schenk, “a single interview published on a high traffic blog can send hundreds or thousands of new readers” in your direction.

Talk about networking opportunities.

Provides Exposure to Your Business

With the power of social media and the Internet these days, any interview you do will be disseminated to all corners of the earth.

Remember, it will not only be you sharing the interview but also the publication or organization that interviewed you, your colleagues and family members, and any other curious reader who liked what they saw or read and wanted to share your expertise and opinions with their own extended network.

Hence, the potential reach of any interview you participate in is boundless, making the possible outlets of exposure for your company just as broad.

Plus, by using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to name a few, you can actively engage and interact with your readers, some of them who could become future clients.

Whatever you decide to do, as neatly put by Marsha Friedman of Home Business Magazine, “there is no such thing as overexposure; you want to conduct as many media interviews as you can,” since “the more interviews that you do, the more buzz you will build about your company, product, or service.”

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