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Without a doubt, education is one of AGRC’s primary goals.

As part of our efforts to disseminate knowledge, present our community with trending industry news, and create a platform where members can share their opinions on our sector, we will be issuing The AGRC Digest on a bi-annual basis.

This publication will include a wide array of articles—penned by AGRC staff, our training partners or our actual members—on all of those topics that are near and dear to our hearts as professionals in the compliance, governance, risk management and cybersecurity industries.

With that said, we’re excited for the release of the Winter/Spring 2021 issue, which serves as an introduction of sorts to many of the central issues that impact our jobs as GRCC professionals.


Our first issue includes articles on:

  1. The 3 Pillars of Modern Business: Governance, Risk & Compliance
  2. The Impact of Good Corporate Governance
  3. The Compliance Function: What is Compliance? Why is it Important?
  4. Preventing Bribery & Corruption
  5. Understanding Money Laundering
  6. How to Connect AML Risk Assessment with Other Financial Risk Assessments
  7. Top 4 Tips for the Development & Maintenance of a Risk Management Culture
  8. Key Elements for an Effective KYC Programme
  9. Financial Statement Fraud: Definition & Impact

Take your time looking through this material below and we hope you enjoy it!

We’d Love to Share Your Work

For our next issue, which we hope to release in October, we’d love to include as many articles as possible penned by our dear members.

So put on your thinking caps and shoot us an email at with your latest and greatest idea.

Please keep in mind that any article you pitch should be relevant to one of our four focus areas (Compliance, Corporate Governance, Cybersecurity & Risk Management), fall between 800 to 1200 words in length, and not be advertorial in nature. We’re looking for well researched and well written articles introducing a topic or providing your opinion on the present and future of the GRCC sector.

The deadline for the submission of articles is July 31st, 2021, so contact us as soon as possible with your pitches.

We look forward to reading and sharing your writing with our AGRC community!